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Disruptive Innovation

This was a particularly good job.

Disruptive innovation is quite simply a theory of innovation. It becomes immediately complicated once you delve only minutely deeper than the preceding sentence. For reasons of complexity and cognitive inability I will refer you to a hugely helpful website. Essentially, the aim is to out-manoeuvre the traditional markets and establish an alternative – and usually inferior – solution that will then (hopefully) begin to displace the conventional ‘big boys’.


…welcome to this extraordinarily insightful session of professional brainstorming:


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An ever so bizarre style

I attended this class last year; life drawing (and photography) with lashings of lemon, fire and lime, silk and sordid sin.

Welcome to The Book Club and Life Drawing Extravaganza – The Seven Deadly Sins.

The efforts exerted on the project concept and the actual expression of it are really quite amazing. Workshop architect Morris, and all those involved, really have excelled themselves. A brilliant and most inspiring – if not slightly alarming – environment had been made available for far less than pint.

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