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The Recyclers

Curiosity and chance meetings.

A few weeks back, I met two waste removal men. They drive about London collecting industrial waste from sites of construction and emptied office blocks. All that they collect is then offloaded in a Tottenham based recycling plant.

I asked if I could spend a day with them and they kindly accepted. Better than that, the guys at the recycling plant were very keen to put together some photographs of what they do and how they do it. I am especially eager to develop this project further. I personally know little about recycling and the different stages involved; the lifting, the sifting and the sifted.

Here are a few photos from my van-borne venture. They are my testing of the waste-water, and I am convinced that there is photographic mileage in this project.

The van

Meet Paul

And Lawrence

The builders

The digger driver

And dinner

Many thanks Paul and Lawrence

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