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Notting Hill

Well it’s been a while since my last post – regrettably.

Anyway, I am back on.

Each and every year  I mosey on down to Notting Hill carnival with a fine group of friends. It’s great and this year was no exception – and the sky remained blue!

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Building Banda

Banda are a property development agency based in South Kensington. Their attention is focused on the affluent SW London postcodes – oh, and southern France.

Shooting for the website, I traipsed miles and miles of well-paved, cleaned and pristine streets, parks and gardens. What struck me more than the actual properties, was the abundance of beautiful floral arrangements. On each-and-every street, at least one household paid tribute to summer’s fantastic flora.

The assignment was divided over three long days. On the third day, I was sent to a house in Fulham. It was under construction and my job was to shoot the builders and close-ups of tools. I preferred this to the monotony – and slight shame – of photographing the houses of anonymous others. At least there was a degree of communication between myself and the subject. A love of mine.

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Serving Summer

Welcome again to Ed & Xenia’s Supper Club.

We lavishly fed and watered 22 guests and a two man film crew. It was a fantastic  few days and as always, a pleasure to be part of.

The theme was Serving Summer. The menu and more information about the club can be seen here,

Perhaps we’ll see you next time.

Rain teased but the sun remained - much to our relief


Xenia won the argument; Sangria is made with lemonade


Sorting the tapas boards

He's great




Cucumber Gazpacho



Galician almond cake with sour cherry compote and peach and cinnamon ice cream


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The Weekender

This was a great day. Sun, sea, sand and super food were all for the taking and taken.

Accompanying a journo, I arrived in Broadstairs on the east Kent coast. Our first objective was to hit Osteria Posillipo. While Dan and his dictaphone set to work, I set about shooting this lovely little Italian restaurant perched on a hill overlooking the beach. Linguine Posillipo was their signature dish, so we ordered two, a pitcher of white wine and a fine sea view.

After the feast and thank yous, I snapped my way along the main coastal path up towards another reputable Italian establishment. Morelli’s Gelato is a wondrous time machine and ice cream parlour. Knickerblocker glories and antiquated 30s decor reign supreme and the smiling staff are all rather sweet.

The photos were commissioned for a magazine piece.

I hope to do something similar very soon!

Viking Bay

One of Posillipo's founders

The 'special' Linguine Posillipo

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Notting Hill

I don’t remember this day all that much.

Manic mayhem, and the toilets that bite. Friends were the main focus; I didn’t much trust my interpersonal skills, you see.

We have our moments.


And then tired George

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PRIDE, Brighton

This was my first PRIDE.

Having travelled down to Brighton early Saturday, I exited that little station perched upon the coastal hill to find a sea of primary colours. Rainbows floated about the breeze; streets bustled, bristling with characters, and the festival tide was was in.

Armed with alcohol and accomplices, I submerged into the sea.

Accomplice M, for Miri

Accomplice M with Accomplice A, for Abi - courtesy of Accomplice B, for Bethy

Moi, George

Accomplice B, for Bethy

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Hasler Company, Royal Marines

In May this year an unseen opportunity arose. It was a chance for me to meet a group of Afghan veterans, and to call them veterans is correct in every aspect but such a word certainly betrays the age of this hardened lot. All were, at this point, reluctant members of Hasler Company, the Royal Marines rehabilitation unit based in Plymouth.

Supervised and put-up by Royal Navy Surgeon Commander Anthony Lambert (‘Doc’), the lads spent a late spring, early summer weekend surfing, laughing, drinking and refining an already galavanised camaraderie. What I saw, experienced, heard and pondered in rural Cornwall has left an indelible mark on me. My civilian mindset could not – and almost refused to – adapt to the sight of tragically disfigured young men, many of whom were younger than my 22 years. Age aside, they had been to that place, to that distant conflict where heat kills, roads kill, and where every facet of their strength is strained to the limit. They were, and are older.

I am keen to remember these lads, for they allowed me, if only temporarily, an insight into a largely unknown but brilliant community. They are immensely proud and would inspire anyone of us – in the forces or on ‘civvy street’.

These photos do little justice to the weekend passed, but in the circumstances I am glad to have at least attempted to document this extraordinary time.

* I ve recently added some photos from our second visit to Polzeath. They can also be found on the post Happy the Soldier Home

Hasler Company;

Ben McBean

Ben McBean

'Gibbo' heading out

'Doc' and a fine moustache

Some photos will remain omitted, and others should have been taken…

Gibbo has just 'left' the marines. Here he looks closely at the mini 'bootneck' the guys had bought him

Making the toast



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