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There’s a song that was introduced to me quite some time back. Introduced by someone I keenly listen to – and very much to my benefit. He has not only a knack for patience but a wonderfully eloquent affection for music.

It’s called Seabird, by the Alessi Brothers. It’s extraordinary and has a certain but effortless melancholy, enough to suit your very own and quickly dispel it.

And I have been away from land too long and need to come home…

…so I am back with great excitement and enthusiasm – and a familiar sense of calm and serenity that follows an outpouring of words – not indulged for years.

It’s exciting to be again rolling with the blog-post-punches and expressing a little of my one true love and motivation…other than my most beloved motorbike, of course.

Here’s a few from a recent jaunt to the Brecon Beacons in Wales. Skirrid Mountain it’s called, or to call it by it’s real name, Ysgyryd Fawr or ‘Holy Mountain’.

It’s the first time in years I’ve taken pictures only for myself and me alone. Oh how I loved it, running and darting about, falling over and perspiring energetically.

There’s nothing really more to them than a re-stoked fire, picking up a fiercer flame.

And that’s the beauty.



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Another Exercise in Understanding

In favour of not repeating myself I will refer you to my penultimate post, Exercise in Understanding

The images below were taken over three long, exciting and really quite tiring days. Dawn attacks and storming buildings.

It’s exciting, scary and very loud.

These images comprise part of a large ongoing project.


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Disruptive Innovation

This was a particularly good job.

Disruptive innovation is quite simply a theory of innovation. It becomes immediately complicated once you delve only minutely deeper than the preceding sentence. For reasons of complexity and cognitive inability I will refer you to a hugely helpful website. Essentially, the aim is to out-manoeuvre the traditional markets and establish an alternative – and usually inferior – solution that will then (hopefully) begin to displace the conventional ‘big boys’.


…welcome to this extraordinarily insightful session of professional brainstorming:


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A very willing observer

A few weeks ago I was asked to photograph the various processes involved in developing a ‘pitch’ at the digital ad agency, AKQA. It was fantastically interesting to follow the thoughts and then soon lose them. They were certainly an intelligent bunch of individuals.

Later in the afternoon I set off with an agency colleague to interview and shoot the ethnographic side of the pitch; the animating of target customers. In this case we were meeting an ‘affluent indulger’.

I truly love work like this. A 50mm is all I need.

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Leave the old lady alone: Abusing the thespians

Tailored shooting; it’s not a perfect science.

When taking photographs, I try to fashion my style to suit the subject. If I am to shoot a little, rather sweet looking old lady, I would refrain from rushing her and blasting away willy-nilly. Rehearsing drama students, well, they’re an entirely different story. I am not rude, nor abusively intrusive – but I am in their faces. At the end of the day, they’re used to the limelight and the setting has an air of professionalism; there is a job to do and that has to be appreciated by both parties. That said, I am always conscious of the potential “Fuck off!” echoing about the corners on a slight whisper.

The following photos have been taken over a number of years – three to be exact. Split over four different plays, the images have been used to fill pages of programmes, adorn notice boards and promote the good work of Queen Mary’s drama students.

Cameron is my contact  and he is someone I consider to be incredibly hard working and determined. I am always impressed by the productions and it has inspired an interest never before considered at length – going to the theatre. I always thought myself a philistine…perhaps things are looking up.

Welcome to Queen Mary University’s drama team


The Merchant of Venice

Judgement Day

The Dumb Waiter

Comic Potential

Warming up

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Lulu Kennedy

A few weeks back, a lovely little lady allowed me access to a rather interesting studio – number 148 Brick Lane. In this studio, a small group of dedicated fashionistas work away in what seems to me a face-paced and relentless industry. Welcome to Fashion East.

Lulu Kennedy is the boss and it was her interview I came along to cover. Bip Ling put down the questions while Lulu returned the answers; they discussed Lulu & Co – a new sister project to celebrate Fashion East’s 10th birthday.

It was intriguingly enjoyable – even if most of what was said eluded my comprehension.

Welcome to Fashion East, but first meet Bip:

One of Lulu's team


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S.E.H Kelly

Not once did I consider fashion work; but they’re a decent bunch of guys. In fact, I owe this lot – a lot.

I don’t believe they are using my photos now. Perhaps they didn’t fit the aesthetic they were looking for; that’s my problem. In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this work and hope it continues and develops.

Please see S.E.H Kelly for the shop; the clothes are fine.

Designer Sara and Mark the mannequin

The backdrop; we used both the whitewashed and semi-whitewashed brick

And here a few from previous shoots – shot against a different backdrop.


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