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Another Exercise in Understanding

In favour of not repeating myself I will refer you to my penultimate post, Exercise in Understanding

The images below were taken over three long, exciting and really quite tiring days. Dawn attacks and storming buildings.

It’s exciting, scary and very loud.

These images comprise part of a large ongoing project.


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The Portrait and the Actor

I am relatively new to portraiture, and how unfortunate that may well be! It’s a brilliant photographic discipline and one I ve grown greatly attached to. My! how I underestimated its power. Portraits of the documentary sort will arrive here soon.

These shots were taken for an aspiring actor and actress. The set-up was simple to say the least and comprised merely a sofa, a window, window ledge, and quite necessarily, a face. Natural light and a neutral backdrop also helped.

I am keen to get some more head shots under my belt so do get in contact if at all interested.

Both images cropped to 8×10.

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The Portraits

Portraiture is one photographic discipline that I ve seldom attempted in its purist form, i.e the head shot.

Earlier this week I was asked to pop over to the see guys of Sayonemedia, a group specialising in manufacturing journalism. They wanted photos of the team to go in the next edition of their magazine, The Manufacturer.

We decided to take the shots outside and allow all those involved to take some time away from the office. The light fluctuated and the wind blew hair but it was still desirable – and I don’t have the pleasure of owning a studio yet!

Portraiture – or head shots – will from now on be a larger focus in my work than previously. I have been idiotically oblivious to the power of insight allowed to you through a very simple style of photo.

Here are but a few.

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Harold Chapman and the Beat Hotel

Earlier this week I met Harold Chapman. He is over 80, deceptively tall, and a rather good chatter.

I hadn’t heard of him before I arrived at his house in Deal, Kent – other than what I’d hastily read and regarded the night before. Certainly an error on my part for he passed on some great advice and wonderful stories – and his wife made a lovely cup of tea.

Throughout the late 50s and early 60s, Mr Chapman lived in Paris. He chose the Beat Hotel as his permanent residence and spent time there freelancing as a photographer. He documented the likes of William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and the many other Beats.

Welcome to a few portraits of Harold and misc shots taken during the interview. All were shot for a magazine feature.

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Only recently have the benefits of portfolio/test shoots appeared to me. I wish for them to continue appearing.

After pondering locations, it seemed ludicrous to travel any substantial distance. In fact, two small steps and a short ascent were all that were required of our legs. My new and mightily agreeable house was perfect; the rooftop would be used.

Natural light and homegrown backdrops.

I do hope my friend doesn’t mind such exposure – not that I am all that exposed myself.

Also, anyone that is interested in having a shoot, do get in contact: georgeramsay.photography@gmail.com

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