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Park Life

Park life architecture.

This was an interesting and exciting assignment.

The architects and artists at Muf have redesigned many aspects of Max Roach Park, Brixton. Children are the main beneficiaries of this attention and now have access to fantastic new climbing frames and constructions.

There is also a community centre adjacent to the park. It is run by a great team of do-gooders and the children were all rather funny.

I had to shoot people, place and play area.



The architects

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‘Aero Dynamik’

‘Aero Dynamik’ is a conceptual album with emphasis on ‘my’ view of events. In other words, it contains the photographs least desirable to the subject; usually silly faces and wild disgraces. But to me, they are immensely revealing and far from humiliating them, they begin to paint a more colourful picture of these most vivid of friends.

That said, they probably still hate them – and me.

It unknowingly began three years ago and continues unabated. The intention is to put together an exhibition.

Here are a few

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