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There’s a song that was introduced to me quite some time back. Introduced by someone I keenly listen to – and very much to my benefit. He has not only a knack for patience but a wonderfully eloquent affection for music.

It’s called Seabird, by the Alessi Brothers. It’s extraordinary and has a certain but effortless melancholy, enough to suit your very own and quickly dispel it.

And I have been away from land too long and need to come home…

…so I am back with great excitement and enthusiasm – and a familiar sense of calm and serenity that follows an outpouring of words – not indulged for years.

It’s exciting to be again rolling with the blog-post-punches and expressing a little of my one true love and motivation…other than my most beloved motorbike, of course.

Here’s a few from a recent jaunt to the Brecon Beacons in Wales. Skirrid Mountain it’s called, or to call it by it’s real name, Ysgyryd Fawr or ‘Holy Mountain’.

It’s the first time in years I’ve taken pictures only for myself and me alone. Oh how I loved it, running and darting about, falling over and perspiring energetically.

There’s nothing really more to them than a re-stoked fire, picking up a fiercer flame.

And that’s the beauty.



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Royal celebrations

There are many, but there could have been more.

I had great trouble cutting this one down. The extraordinary variety of opportunities was truly great and to have been expected. No shots of the Royals, only the spectators.

I wanted to pay particular attention to the characters present, but with a greater focus on the scene rather than the individual. I am quite a fan of Jeff Wall and his images of – not necessarily ominous – but definitely unusual groupings of people. The photos have a depth of detail and context often missed through a tighter viewfinder. That said, they must been seen as large prints – web-sized does not do them justice.

Perhaps more on the lines of ‘Where’s Wally?’.

Welcome to the Royal Wedding and the international crowd
















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