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Protest, Police and Practice

This Wednesday 2,000-odd protesters took to the streets of London. They gathered outside ULU and then marched towards Moorgate; the cuts were of course the topic of the day. It was also the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe’s first public order nightmare since his taking up the position in September of this year.

‘Total policing’ is the philosophy employed by the new Commissioner and on Nov 9, this style of policing was more than apparent as 4,000 officers escorted the protesters along the route of march, ensuring that no break-away groups caused havoc along the way – and because policing appears far less complex in a controlled space.

It was largely free from drama other than the odd bottle thrown and occasional prod from the police.

More importantly for me, I met an accomplished photojournalist and accompanied him throughout the day. A great chance to listen, learn and sprint to positions of photographic opportunity. I am deeply appreciative of his help and mentoring.

The following photographs are without a specific focus other than to convey a little of the atmosphere of the march. Protests are a great challenge to shoot and allow you to test acquired knowledge and techniques in a fast-paced and plentiful environment.

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