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Agent Speak

Portraiture is the most perfect synthesis of chat and shot. I love chatting and I especially like taking photographs. It’s wonderful.

Occasionally I shoot portraits of estate agents for a glossy freemium magazine, Absolutely Notting Hill. It’s quite enjoyable meeting the (supposed) enemy – and it’s even better bossing them about. The second guy was particularly fun and more than happy to take the lead – as you will soon see.

I quite fancy shooting some documentary portraiture very soon.

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Cut cut cuttings

Last month was wonderful fun. In fact this month has been equally (if not more) exciting.

I ve always enjoyed writing and putting together written pieces. It’s a nice respite from photography, which of course requires no real respite. The work differs in only so much as words, not photographs, adorn pages, blog posts and computer screens. The approach is almost entirely the same and the experience is just as exciting.

Here are a few cuttings

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The Weekender

This was a great day. Sun, sea, sand and super food were all for the taking and taken.

Accompanying a journo, I arrived in Broadstairs on the east Kent coast. Our first objective was to hit Osteria Posillipo. While Dan and his dictaphone set to work, I set about shooting this lovely little Italian restaurant perched on a hill overlooking the beach. Linguine Posillipo was their signature dish, so we ordered two, a pitcher of white wine and a fine sea view.

After the feast and thank yous, I snapped my way along the main coastal path up towards another reputable Italian establishment. Morelli’s Gelato is a wondrous time machine and ice cream parlour. Knickerblocker glories and antiquated 30s decor reign supreme and the smiling staff are all rather sweet.

The photos were commissioned for a magazine piece.

I hope to do something similar very soon!

Viking Bay

One of Posillipo's founders

The 'special' Linguine Posillipo

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Xenia’s column

Xenia is a food stylist. She freelances and works for a plethora of publications.

Not long ago, she asked if I would shoot some pizzas she had made for her column in the Daily Mail. I didn’t say no, put it that way.

They are simple shots but that certainly betrays the intense concentration and attention to detail required – by both involved. All images were tightly cropped about the actual base before being used in print.

Standard pizza base

     Chorizo and pepper
     Anchovy and sun-dried tomato
     Courgette and ham
     Rocket and ricotta

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