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On the forage

A few weeks back I spent one day and night at Wallett’s Court, a luxury spa hotel sat, perched upon the white cliffs of the Kent coast. It is the most wonderful and necessary setting often forgotten amongst the concrete streets and plastic houses of London – and any other city for that matter. A short train journey and all immediate concerns are detached, removed and then left at the gates to this 300 year old cottage. Super.

The intention of my visit was to write and photograph a food feature for The Weekender, a Kent based freemium. Wallett’s Court offers foraging courses and it was to be a day out rummaging through the ‘garden of England’, clay pigeon shooting and ‘tasting’  –  as well as the jacuzzi, sauna and enormous wide-screen TV in my room.

It was, however, still mid-February, blowing a gale, and a little nippy. There wasn’t too much to forage either.

That said, Spring and Summer are the best seasons to get out and by all accounts extraordinarily fruitful.

I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys walking – and then eating.

Ancient Roman pottery is found everywhere. The many years of ploughing have turned it out of the ground where it can easily be seen

Hedges like this offer great foraging opportunities - once you've been told what to look for!

Gavin Oakley, the owner of Wallett's Court

Sea Beet

Smoked and pressed pork belly with black pig black pudding

Sea Beet

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The Weekender

Happy, very happy indeed.

I consider this my first ‘proper’ magazine cutting. The Weekender is a Kent focused freemium that looks at lifestyle, food and culture. This is the first issue, and I certainly hope it continues to develop. I love this work.

These pages are ‘rough’ and haven’t yet incorporated print-ready photos, but you get the gist.

I must also thank two very important people, for without their expertise and guidance, I just wouldn’t have had the experience necessary to shoot a piece like this. So many thanks Xenia and Edward!

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Harold Chapman and the Beat Hotel

Earlier this week I met Harold Chapman. He is over 80, deceptively tall, and a rather good chatter.

I hadn’t heard of him before I arrived at his house in Deal, Kent – other than what I’d hastily read and regarded the night before. Certainly an error on my part for he passed on some great advice and wonderful stories – and his wife made a lovely cup of tea.

Throughout the late 50s and early 60s, Mr Chapman lived in Paris. He chose the Beat Hotel as his permanent residence and spent time there freelancing as a photographer. He documented the likes of William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and the many other Beats.

Welcome to a few portraits of Harold and misc shots taken during the interview. All were shot for a magazine feature.

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The Weekender

This was a great day. Sun, sea, sand and super food were all for the taking and taken.

Accompanying a journo, I arrived in Broadstairs on the east Kent coast. Our first objective was to hit Osteria Posillipo. While Dan and his dictaphone set to work, I set about shooting this lovely little Italian restaurant perched on a hill overlooking the beach. Linguine Posillipo was their signature dish, so we ordered two, a pitcher of white wine and a fine sea view.

After the feast and thank yous, I snapped my way along the main coastal path up towards another reputable Italian establishment. Morelli’s Gelato is a wondrous time machine and ice cream parlour. Knickerblocker glories and antiquated 30s decor reign supreme and the smiling staff are all rather sweet.

The photos were commissioned for a magazine piece.

I hope to do something similar very soon!

Viking Bay

One of Posillipo's founders

The 'special' Linguine Posillipo

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