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Another Exercise in Understanding

In favour of not repeating myself I will refer you to my penultimate post, Exercise in Understanding

The images below were taken over three long, exciting and really quite tiring days. Dawn attacks and storming buildings.

It’s exciting, scary and very loud.

These images comprise part of a large ongoing project.


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Er heisst Walter Kurz

In another life, I wish to be called Walter Kurz.

This summer, a friend of immeasurable kindness allowed me a short week in Germany. My stay intercepted, not only the finest of fine suns, but also the pleasure of watching Germany lose out to Spain in South Africa – in spite of my friend’s nationality, which happened to be quite unfortunate at that particular time.

Autobahns, Holstein Pils, lakes, Hamburg and Berlin became our staple throughout.

I haven’t much thought of posting these loose photo essays. Perhaps they’re interesting.

‘Four Days in Deutschland’

And this is Laurens; the friend

Our 'relatively' minor companion

The minor's major

Treptower Park


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Playtime launch

Located on Islington Green, a few steps from Upper Street, Playtime is a swish cocktail bar offering a fine selection of drinks and an even more impressive selection of interior design and art.

This Thursday, the venue played host to a private gathering of friends, notables and press to celebrate the new artwork exhibited by Robert Gordon McHarg III; Gordon is perhaps best known for his quirky Subway Gallery found in Edgware Road tube station. The bar looks cool, feels trendy and the cocktails, superb.

A Bloc Party DJ set, a hula hooper, and an intervention group of semi-clad, cross-era swimmers entertained the ‘cocktailed’ guests with zest and zeal – all were contented.


And this is how it all appeared to me:

It’s a venue worthy of a visit.

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Queen of Hoxton Exhibition

All photos are under copyright and belong to George P Ramsay

It must have been early last year, perhaps even the year before that; I must find out in any case. A friend, Hunter Skipworth, and I were asked to shoot twenty photographs for a new bar, the Queen of Hoxton, found between Bishopsgate and Hoxton.

I’d never been so fortunate before this, and I became rather unstuck in the preparation for the opening night. It was a tough deadline. That said, despite the problematic mounting of the photos on the wall and all others worries, it was great fun  – and highly rewarding.

We decided to shoot both in black and white and colour.I took the black and white, and this is the result (some of which I am unsure, but we were only novices).

They are still on show and are available to purchase.

Homerton Grove, Hackney

Pinball Geoff, Stoke Newington

Mr Barry P, Aldgate East - notice the Gherkin through the window

Perfect Fried Chicken, Homerton, Hackney

Celestial Pastor, Hackney Downs

Hackney Downs

South American butcher, Mare Street, Hackney

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Shooting the school

All photos are under copyright and belong to George P Ramsay

Late last summer, my old school contacted me and asked if would like to work on a photo essay. The working, rather loose, title was ‘The boarders’. Of course, I accepted without reservation as such wonderful opportunities are certainly not found in abundance.  I was familiar with the school, the teachers and more importantly, I had one invaluable luxury – empathy. I’d spent 6 of my young years here.

This was to be my most challenging photographic endeavour. But difficulty aside, it was a challenge, and one that I craved then, and still do now.

Welcome toWellington School, Somerset

My return to the school began with athletics.

They seemed to think that it was rather good, and it was

It required a steady hand, and you couldn't fault him for trying

Beloved chapel

Perhaps not the most entertaining of post-school memories

And then the dining room – and what a hive of activity

They were a cheeky bunch

He was to be my guide

It’s only right that lunch break should follow diner, and these guys didn’t waste a single second

"So who, then?"

Lunch break and football; need I say anymore

And not forgetting the girls

The boys occupied the grass, but it certainly didn't bother the girls

The bell kindly informed the children that they had five minutes of lunch remaining. Shoes were donned, bags shouldered, and the pitter-patter of feet ended their favourite hour.

Boys will be boys

They were more practiced than you would assume

Precision painting

One last game of 40-40 while the parents sit patiently - they hope

After 1700, it is the boarders that walk the corridors and occupy the classrooms. It is their home after all



A well dressed dorm


It was a brilliant experience and one that I have learnt from tremendously. New projects await

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