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The Common

May I introduce you all to The Common. A lively trio, they are set to release their first EP in the very near future. We have high hopes.

Earlier this week we all made our way to Alexandra Palace in north London to shoot a collection of promo and cover photos.

A great afternoon it was – and really quite productive too. Lovely.

Some of the photos require some work but my computer has caused me a few issues this week. Need some time.


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Daydreaming with…St Michael’s

‘Daydreaming with…’ is a concept in motion fronted by UNKLE’s James Lavelle. Last year, he and his band of artists exhibited a body of work that set-about developing the ways we experience ‘art’. Conveying music through imagery, both still and moving, is not new, but the modern interpretations of UNKLE’s compositions are truly astounding and particularly interesting.

This year James and his team have decided to abandon the clean-cut walls and polished glass of a gallery, in favour of a dusty but rather impressive church. St Michael’s is  found off Camden road, and earlier this week endured some really quite severe alterations.

Fire, alcohol, and a few misplaced words seem all too incongruous in such a setting, but it did happen and it wasn’t too bad.

Welcome to my PR bonanza

Doug Foster's 'Heretics' Gate'

Jonathan Glazer's 'Red Clay'

No doubt a stressed James Lavelle

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The Barking billboards and photoconceptualism

Never have I been offered such a fantastic opportunity.

But before I begin, I must thank all those who helped. Without your willingness to sacrifice time and expend energy on my behalf, this wouldn’t have worked as well as it did. Many thanks to you all.

In March, I was asked to shoot three billboard images for Barking and Dagenham council. Working in collaboration with Muf architecture, I set about the project with zeal and zest. I had no idea what lay ahead; an extraordinary amount of stress, deliberation and some serious learning curves with gradients to suit.

How brilliant it all was!

Katherine, the lovely artist partner at Muf architecture, met me two weeks before the agreed shoot day. We talked concepts, wishes and hopes. Articulating the concept photographically and producing the project were my responsibilities. These were new duties and ones I had to learn on-the-go. I felt much like a long distance runner learning to sprint short distances – unable to regulate my breathing.

The architects had already redesigned and supervised the construction of an arboretum in Barking town square; there sat also a mock ruin designed by Muf. My job was to provide images for the billboards leading up to the space. The regenerated area sits rather incongruously, set within a stretch of concrete jungle and drab high streets. What it does, however, is set the tone for a newer, remodelled Barking. Whether this is an achievable challenge, I am not to pass judgement. It is, though, with the best intentions, a great project in a once great area of London. Back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, Barking was one of the largest fishing ports in England.

The images themselves. Jeff Wall was to be the main photographic inspiration. In 1970s Vancouver, Wall amongst others, pioneered photoconceptualism. He meticulously reconstructed scenes he had witnessed in his day-to-day ramblings, and other images he had imagined initially as concepts. It’s all rather new to me, but immensely exciting and has definitely enhanced my photographic perspectives.

The aim was to use a dystopian bass note, add some optimism and then throw in three pre/post-apocalyptic scenarios for the actors to follow. I wanted the contrived scenes to appear as ‘natural’ as possible. I hoped that I could articulate the scenarios coherently so that the actors could then self-generate the scenes with little guidance and interference – it had to be fluid.

All the actors were tremendous and I was truly impressed by their ‘get-up-and-go’ attitude.

Community, duty, care and re-engagement with the local area were the buzzwords we worked with.

Below are some locations I scouted leading up the shoot. I acted upon Katherine’s advice, and headed up to Hampstead Heath.

We used this backdrop

The Scenarios

The two chosen images, to be split across three billboards

In situ

I appreciate that all that has been written and conveyed may not be all that coherent!

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‘Aero Dynamik’

‘Aero Dynamik’ is a conceptual album with emphasis on ‘my’ view of events. In other words, it contains the photographs least desirable to the subject; usually silly faces and wild disgraces. But to me, they are immensely revealing and far from humiliating them, they begin to paint a more colourful picture of these most vivid of friends.

That said, they probably still hate them – and me.

It unknowingly began three years ago and continues unabated. The intention is to put together an exhibition.

Here are a few

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Only recently have the benefits of portfolio/test shoots appeared to me. I wish for them to continue appearing.

After pondering locations, it seemed ludicrous to travel any substantial distance. In fact, two small steps and a short ascent were all that were required of our legs. My new and mightily agreeable house was perfect; the rooftop would be used.

Natural light and homegrown backdrops.

I do hope my friend doesn’t mind such exposure – not that I am all that exposed myself.

Also, anyone that is interested in having a shoot, do get in contact: georgeramsay.photography@gmail.com

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Leonard Street, Shoreditch

19 Sept – 26 Sept

This exhibition, aptly titled ‘The Visitor’, explores the concept of visiting – but through objects. There are some great works on show, not to mention some brilliantly named pieces; ‘How’s the Weather’, and ‘Homeless Sweet Home’, to pick only a few.


Shai Akram & Andrew HaythornthwaiteRoger Arquer, Ed Swan, Eelko Moorer, Jordi Canudas, Jorre Van Ast, Liliana Ovalle, Oscar Narud, Mathias Hahn & Tomas Alonso

'Homeless Sweet Home', Jordi Canudas

'Homeless Sweet Home', Jordi Canudas


'Cendrillo', Roger Arquer

'Sputnik', Roger Arquer

'Mark Makers', Ed Swan

And this has been a nightmare to shoot. ‘How’s the Weather’ is proving quite the task.

'How's the Weather', Shai Akram & Andrew Haythornthwaite

Do check out the links above for more information.

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TEST; Aubin cinema and Shoreditch House

Please see:



Director Kathryn Ferguson (middle)

Directors Nicholai Fisher and John Gutierez

Sayaka Maruyama and Wendy Bevan

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