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The Flour Pot

Welcome to Brighton based bakery, The Flour Pot; a wonderful establishment full of wonderful people, making wonderful breads, buns, sandwiches and pastries – and I know, I ve tasted them!

I thoroughly enjoyed this job. It reminded me of why I do what I do and why I must continue doing what it is I do.

Shooting food – and any subject for that matter –  in situ without overly manipulating the environment is a brilliantly liberating experience. Lines, textures and light naturally create wonderful compositions and all that is required of the photographer is to open his eyes and get shooting. Brilliant!











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PRIDE, Brighton

This was my first PRIDE.

Having travelled down to Brighton early Saturday, I exited that little station perched upon the coastal hill to find a sea of primary colours. Rainbows floated about the breeze; streets bustled, bristling with characters, and the festival tide was was in.

Armed with alcohol and accomplices, I submerged into the sea.

Accomplice M, for Miri

Accomplice M with Accomplice A, for Abi - courtesy of Accomplice B, for Bethy

Moi, George

Accomplice B, for Bethy

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