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The Portrait and the Actor

I am relatively new to portraiture, and how unfortunate that may well be! It’s a brilliant photographic discipline and one I ve grown greatly attached to. My! how I underestimated its power. Portraits of the documentary sort will arrive here soon.

These shots were taken for an aspiring actor and actress. The set-up was simple to say the least and comprised merely a sofa, a window, window ledge, and quite necessarily, a face. Natural light and a neutral backdrop also helped.

I am keen to get some more head shots under my belt so do get in contact if at all interested.

Both images cropped to 8×10.

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Leave the old lady alone: Abusing the thespians

Tailored shooting; it’s not a perfect science.

When taking photographs, I try to fashion my style to suit the subject. If I am to shoot a little, rather sweet looking old lady, I would refrain from rushing her and blasting away willy-nilly. Rehearsing drama students, well, they’re an entirely different story. I am not rude, nor abusively intrusive – but I am in their faces. At the end of the day, they’re used to the limelight and the setting has an air of professionalism; there is a job to do and that has to be appreciated by both parties. That said, I am always conscious of the potential “Fuck off!” echoing about the corners on a slight whisper.

The following photos have been taken over a number of years – three to be exact. Split over four different plays, the images have been used to fill pages of programmes, adorn notice boards and promote the good work of Queen Mary’s drama students.

Cameron is my contact ¬†and he is someone I consider to be incredibly hard working and determined. I am always impressed by the productions and it has inspired an interest never before considered at length – going to the theatre. I always thought myself a philistine…perhaps things are looking up.

Welcome to Queen Mary University’s drama team


The Merchant of Venice

Judgement Day

The Dumb Waiter

Comic Potential

Warming up

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