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Cornish Wave IV

For four years now Anthony Lambert OBE has organised an informal, cathartic and hugely exciting few days down in Polzeath, Cornwall. Spinning dits, surfing and a healthy quantity of port reign supreme in what has become a regular and necessary meeting of friends.

A great grouping of wounded Royal Marines, Surf Action grafters and a few lads similar to myself comprise this wonderful lot. It really is a feature of the year and the best, most extraordinary, aspect of this meeting is witnessing the incredible progress made by lads brutally affected by war. It is absolutely inspirational to see their immense strength in adversity and optimism in place of despair. My hat goes off to you lads.

I could only stay a day so photos are limited – and I couldn’t even get in the sea!

Welcome to CW IV.











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The Family

Last month most of my family gathered for a cousin’s 21st birthday. It had been many years since we’d all been together and I awaited the evening with a nervous anticipation.

But what fun it all was!


My dad

DSC_3500My cousin

DSC_3513_1Uncle and aunty

DSC_3539_1My mum

DSC_3616_1My brother, grandma and me

DSC_3824My cousin

DSC_3622_1Mum and dad





I also got to take my new motorbike for a spin up to Sheffield!


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Welcome to my first attempt at a showreel.

I ve been shooting video for a visual research agency for over a year now but only recently have I acquired the necessary tools to embark on personal endeavours. Exciting!


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Odd Job

Last month I had the great pleasure of photographing the Queen with her former and existing equerries. It was really quite an extraordinary job and something that will stay with me for a long, long time.

I shook like a leaf battered by the wind – uncontrollably.

This photo is a crop of one of the four photos I was allowed to take.


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And Another Exercise in Understanding

These images comprise part of an enormously exciting ongoing project.  In the not-so-near future they will be collated and put into an extensive photo essay.

Welcome to exercise number three.  Number two and the first and most comprehensive post can be seen through their respective links.


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Another Exercise in Understanding

In favour of not repeating myself I will refer you to my penultimate post, Exercise in Understanding

The images below were taken over three long, exciting and really quite tiring days. Dawn attacks and storming buildings.

It’s exciting, scary and very loud.

These images comprise part of a large ongoing project.


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The billboard

Last year, or perhaps even the year before, I was given a great opportunity/job to shoot for a billboard in Barking, London.

At last, it has been mounted (minus lights and a few other bits and bobs) and I am extraordinarily happy.

Here was my first post

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