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Notting Hill

Well it’s been a while since my last post – regrettably.

Anyway, I am back on.

Each and every year  I mosey on down to Notting Hill carnival with a fine group of friends. It’s great and this year was no exception – and the sky remained blue!

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Field Day

Welcome to a wonderfully exciting day.

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Cloud Force and the Silver Sturgeon

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing the ExCel centre in all its glory.

Brands, logos, suits, dresses, complimentary beverages and bored, bedraggled faces lined the halls and corridors. Commerce, I thought to myself, is such a wonderful thing – but not in here.

Fortunately for me, the job would also put me onboard the Silver Sturgeon, a rather fancy vessel hired for the corporate after party. Having never witnessed such a gathering of minds, faces and entrepreneurial desire – fuelled by a never ending supply of free alcohol – I was enthused. It was unexplored photographic territory and I had free reign.

Welcome to the Corporate Party.


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The Weekender

Happy, very happy indeed.

I consider this my first ‘proper’ magazine cutting. The Weekender is a Kent focused freemium that looks at lifestyle, food and culture. This is the first issue, and I certainly hope it continues to develop. I love this work.

These pages are ‘rough’ and haven’t yet incorporated print-ready photos, but you get the gist.

I must also thank two very important people, for without their expertise and guidance, I just wouldn’t have had the experience necessary to shoot a piece like this. So many thanks Xenia and Edward!

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Festival of the Bicycle, Mabley Green

Welcome to a sun-filled Sunday and bicycles. Yesterday saw Festival of the Bicycle play out on Mabley Green, Homerton. It was a great and eventful afternoon of racing, posing and entrepreneurial excitement.

I am particularly fond of this area. Having spent a super two years here, it was good to be back.

Oh, and I am now horrifically rose-red and my face feels a little warm.

Labour MP Meg Hillier opens the festival


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City and Angel

Earlier this month I faced my first editorial beginner bashing. I somehow believed that I was meeting only the designer to discuss a photo feature on Old Spitalfields Market. This just wasn’t the case, and I soon found myself before a handful of faces, eager to suss me out.

Sat in a small, sweltering glass cage, I fast realised that this was an interview – and I didn’t have my portfolio. Really quite the error that pitched me against the chief photographer. As I was soon to discover, this bloke was only teaching me a few harsh, but very necessary lessons. In the meanwhile, he tore me to shreds. Scary and exciting.

And thank you very much Zest Media. I am now a freelancer for City and Angel magazine.

Here are a few photos for the Spotlight article on Old Spitalfields Market:

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Building Banda

Banda are a property development agency based in South Kensington. Their attention is focused on the affluent SW London postcodes – oh, and southern France.

Shooting for the website, I traipsed miles and miles of well-paved, cleaned and pristine streets, parks and gardens. What struck me more than the actual properties, was the abundance of beautiful floral arrangements. On each-and-every street, at least one household paid tribute to summer’s fantastic flora.

The assignment was divided over three long days. On the third day, I was sent to a house in Fulham. It was under construction and my job was to shoot the builders and close-ups of tools. I preferred this to the monotony – and slight shame – of photographing the houses of anonymous others. At least there was a degree of communication between myself and the subject. A love of mine.

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