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Young(er) again, and hopefully again, again

In early 2011 I responded to an expired photography ad on craigslist (the odd-ball purveyor of all things…well, all things). It advertised the position of school photographer – but with a strong reportage approach to the work. Fortunately for me, as I ve extraordinarily limited experience with strobes, this was a an-all-too-perfect opportunity. Working with children is great and getting paid for the privilege, even better.

But nothing was heard for eight months…

…and then in January 2012, entirely out of the blue, the director of the company contacted me. I met her over a long coffee a few days later and now I am part of the team.

But I must not be hasty; the work has not yet started and the market is tough. Negatives aside though, the director is reassuringly focused and I am not at all concerned about the future success of this company.

Welcome to our ‘test shoot’. It was shot in the early evening and the colours are cool but overall we were pleased.

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Park Life

Park life architecture.

This was an interesting and exciting assignment.

The architects and artists at Muf have redesigned many aspects of Max Roach Park, Brixton. Children are the main beneficiaries of this attention and now have access to fantastic new climbing frames and constructions.

There is also a community centre adjacent to the park. It is run by a great team of do-gooders and the children were all rather funny.

I had to shoot people, place and play area.



The architects

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Martyrs Day: Altab Ali park

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon spent with these guys.

Last Friday, I was kindly asked to cover preparations for Martyrs Day in Altab Ali park, Whitechapel. The green space was in dire need of regeneration. A group consisting of both Central St Martins students and the local Bengali community spent the weekend painting the most elaborate and wonderful of designs. Unfortunately for me, I only saw glimpses of colour, but already, the park had been re-oxygenated  and brought back to life.

Martyrs Day is significant. On 21 February 1952, Pakistani riot police shot and killed dozens of students and activists in a now independent Bangladesh. They demanded national recognition of their native Bengali language. Thousands visited the park on Sunday to pay their respects to the fallen protesters of the Bengali Language Movement.

It’s pleasant being involved in such projects.

Architect and artist

The designer of the Bengali paintings

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‘Aero Dynamik’

‘Aero Dynamik’ is a conceptual album with emphasis on ‘my’ view of events. In other words, it contains the photographs least desirable to the subject; usually silly faces and wild disgraces. But to me, they are immensely revealing and far from humiliating them, they begin to paint a more colourful picture of these most vivid of friends.

That said, they probably still hate them – and me.

It unknowingly began three years ago and continues unabated. The intention is to put together an exhibition.

Here are a few

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Shooting the school

All photos are under copyright and belong to George P Ramsay

Late last summer, my old school contacted me and asked if would like to work on a photo essay. The working, rather loose, title was ‘The boarders’. Of course, I accepted without reservation as such wonderful opportunities are certainly not found in abundance.  I was familiar with the school, the teachers and more importantly, I had one invaluable luxury – empathy. I’d spent 6 of my young years here.

This was to be my most challenging photographic endeavour. But difficulty aside, it was a challenge, and one that I craved then, and still do now.

Welcome toWellington School, Somerset

My return to the school began with athletics.

They seemed to think that it was rather good, and it was

It required a steady hand, and you couldn't fault him for trying

Beloved chapel

Perhaps not the most entertaining of post-school memories

And then the dining room – and what a hive of activity

They were a cheeky bunch

He was to be my guide

It’s only right that lunch break should follow diner, and these guys didn’t waste a single second

"So who, then?"

Lunch break and football; need I say anymore

And not forgetting the girls

The boys occupied the grass, but it certainly didn't bother the girls

The bell kindly informed the children that they had five minutes of lunch remaining. Shoes were donned, bags shouldered, and the pitter-patter of feet ended their favourite hour.

Boys will be boys

They were more practiced than you would assume

Precision painting

One last game of 40-40 while the parents sit patiently - they hope

After 1700, it is the boarders that walk the corridors and occupy the classrooms. It is their home after all



A well dressed dorm


It was a brilliant experience and one that I have learnt from tremendously. New projects await

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