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There’s a song that was introduced to me quite some time back. Introduced by someone I keenly listen to – and very much to my benefit. He has not only a knack for patience but a wonderfully eloquent affection for music.

It’s called Seabird, by the Alessi Brothers. It’s extraordinary and has a certain but effortless melancholy, enough to suit your very own and quickly dispel it.

And I have been away from land too long and need to come home…

…so I am back with great excitement and enthusiasm – and a familiar sense of calm and serenity that follows an outpouring of words – not indulged for years.

It’s exciting to be again rolling with the blog-post-punches and expressing a little of my one true love and motivation…other than my most beloved motorbike, of course.

Here’s a few from a recent jaunt to the Brecon Beacons in Wales. Skirrid Mountain it’s called, or to call it by it’s real name, Ysgyryd Fawr or ‘Holy Mountain’.

It’s the first time in years I’ve taken pictures only for myself and me alone. Oh how I loved it, running and darting about, falling over and perspiring energetically.

There’s nothing really more to them than a re-stoked fire, picking up a fiercer flame.

And that’s the beauty.



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Rimmel London

Here’s a little sneaky peek at one of the jobs I am rather excited about.

I was on second camera and stills – a partnership of two wonderful and extraordinary disciplines. Do give me more, some more and a little more please, sir.

The whole team; models, make-up and production were an absolute dream to work with – and collectively, we powered through two LONG days.

Video edits to follow…but in the meantime…






Make-Up: Kirstin Piggott


Produced and Directed: Sam Orams

DOP and First Camera: Martin Roach (he’s pretty special!)

Second Camera and Stills: Me!

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Building a Team

Yesterday I shot some photos of an NGO team building exercise. They were on a scavenger hunt about east London.

Welcome to the brilliant people of youth engagement charity, Brightside.










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Party Food

A few weeks back I had the great pleasure of photographing a small leaving do. It was hugely enjoyable and the culinary treats, remarkable.

I ve always enjoyed photographing food in a fast paced environment. You use what limited light you have available and quite often that allows for interesting compostions.

















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Exercise in Understanding

Last week was especially exciting and comprised part of an extraordinary ongoing project. It involved sleeping rough, running and getting quite wet – all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What was most rewarding though, was the fantastically raw insight into the Guards regiment I ve been following for over half a year. The scarlet tunics and bearskin caps that had occupied all those months in camp and on the parade ground had been stripped away and all that remained were the gritty faces and battered uniforms of infantry soldiers – on exercise.

This abrupt aberration – from public duties to war-fighting – presented me with a problem. The matter of understanding these guys and their work had taken on another much more thought-provoking dimension not directly experienced before. Subsequently it has become increasingly more complicated to project what I deem to be an honest and just portrayal of blokes I’ve known and liked for nearly a year.

Fortunately the route taken to understand who or what you are photographing is often the most rewarding and the photographs become merely a by-product of that endeavour. In this case, I have embraced the venture and each new challenge is undertaken with vigorous determination – and an exceptionally open mind.

The selection of appropriate images is therefore one of the most challenging aspects of this project – and indeed any body of work. What seems appropriate presently will feel inadequate, inaccurate and unfair tomorrow as a more substantial understanding develops.

I ve chosen to omit the laughs, the giggles and the wry faces in favour of a more austere aesthetic; the lads were working hard and I’d never embarked on such an endeavour before. Appropriate now (at this very moment in time) is to portray the uncertainty and bewilderment of what I experienced with the immense efforts they exerted.

This post and the difficulties associated and discussed is really only a microcosm of the project at large and perhaps not immediately problematic to anyone who choses to read it. But, for me, it is significant and vexing!

Avoiding cliches is also quite the issue but I’ll leave that for now.

Soon I will put together an anti-austere collection of the austere. In fact, this is a post in flux. Prepare for changes, additions and subtractions.


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John Stoddart and The Society Club

The other day I met prolific celebrity and glamour photographer, John Stoddart – and I was ever so slightly nervous.

Mr Stoddart has shot the likes of Arnold Schwarznegger, Mick Jagger and Martin Scorcese amongst many more. They are great photos shot with panache.

The images will comprise part of a feature to be published in the wonderful Kent based magazine, The Weekender

I am still waiting to develop the portraits shot on my Bronica.

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Ethnography and/or brand journalism appears to be a good route forward; it pays, challenges and keeps me more than occupied.

This job involved meeting a variety of people and reporting on their spending habits; what they buy and how technology helps them to do it – or not.

It was great and I had the pleasure of meeting some truly wonderful people.

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