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Welcome to make-up specialists, KIKO.

This was a fun job to shoot, slider and all. Thank you Bespoke Banter for producing and editing such a jazzy store-opening promo.

I am not one really for cosmetics, but you can find this glossy shop on Regent Street.


Producer: Catrin Griffiths

Camera: Me!

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British Fashion Awards

Welcome to HelloTV and The Scott Report.

Again, these were shot by me but orchestrated and edited by the lovely lot at Bespoke Banter.

It was quite the experience and I don’t believe I ve ever met so many popular faces in such an intensely short space of time! Mental.

Getting the sound levels right was a challenge to say the least!

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Late last year I had the great pleasure of helping to shoot three ‘looks’ for haircare brand, Aussie.

It was a job shot with fantastical video communications agency, Bespoke Banter.

Although I ve shot a (relatively) fair amount of video, I’d never really done anything like this before. Coming from an exclusively stills orientated background, video production is exciting, wonderful and hugely rewarding – and there also seems to be more of it to take advantage of – paid work anyway!!

Welcome to the Aussie Miracle Recharge Looks:


Produced, Directed and Edited: Catrin Griffiths

First Camera: Me!

Second Camera: Sam Orams


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Behind the Scenes

This weekend a wonderful opportunity popped up.

It was a job working for a new client (which is always exciting) and the brief required me to photography behind the scenes on a L’Oreal campaign shoot.

I am completely enthused by commissions like this; they allow me an insight into largely unknown worlds – and I am paid for the privilege. I would struggle to complain even if I wanted to!

Welcome to L’Oreal and Alexa Chung.

Vogue featured the photos! 












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William Floyd Maclean

An especially good friend of mine has done very well for himself. His name is William and he makes jewellery – and it’s good, very good.

A few weeks back we had to organise an impromptu photo-shoot for his launch this September. After racking the brains and calling on favours, the canal running along Victoria Park was chosen and two lovely models were made ready.

I don’t normally do shoots like this – to earn money – but it was tremendously fun. Something to do again, that’s for sure.

These are contextual shots rather than super macro close-ups. They set the tone.




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Shop Shots

A few shots of 123, a once (illegal) gun factory.

All taken with the wonderful 50mm workhorse.

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Danielle Scutt, Freedom and Claridges

Yesterday evening, a last minute opportunity presented itself to me. I was asked to cover a private party for designer Danielle Scutt, and her new Freedom line of jewellery for Topshop. It was held in the most elegant of settings  – the Fumoir room of Claridges.

Very nice drinks were offered, and the food was exquisite.

The room itself shoots you back to the days of  decadence and the Bright Young Things. Quite an experience.


Emma Elwick-Bates - market editor of Vogue

Diane Pernet - editor of A Shaded View on Fashion


Nicky Yates - fashion editor of ES magazine

Elizabeth Saltzman - social editor of Vanity Fair

Stylist Tamara Rothstein, Freedom director Emma Witzenfeld and deisgner Danielle Scutt

Laura Atkinson - features editor of Grazia


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