Another Exercise in Understanding

In favour of not repeating myself I will refer you to my penultimate post, Exercise in Understanding

The images below were taken over three long, exciting and really quite tiring days. Dawn attacks and storming buildings.

It’s exciting, scary and very loud.

These images comprise part of a large ongoing project.


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21 responses to “Another Exercise in Understanding

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  2. free penny press

    As an Army veteran, much enjoyed these..Well deserving of being FP!!
    (can I suggest you make the copy write a tad smaller as it is very distracting to the image)..

  3. Very impressive. The perspective that you take at times is utterly devastatingly delicate. Absolutely lovely.

  4. Breathtaking images…thank you so much for sharing. And thank you to all that have served or are serving. Great post, congrats on being Freshly Pressed! You deserve it!

  5. Great and very strong photos. Very nice.

  6. Thanks for sharing , I agree you deserved freshly pressed. Thanks to all that have served our country and the UK

  7. Strong images but your watermarks ruined them.

    • Fair comment. On my blog these images are only examples of what I am doing and certainly not the complete package – as part of a book or exhibition etc. Surely the watermark can be necessarily overlooked.

  8. megakings


  9. As the wife of a US Soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan, these pictures are … there are no words. They are beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. I can say the shots of the machine guns were the hardest on me. I once watched my husband get dressed for the day while on Skype. He put on his blouse and slung the gun over his shoulder and I burst into tears. My dear, sweet husband shouldn’t need a machine gun to go to work. Thank you! And congratulations on being FP.

  10. What images! Wow…. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Impressive images ~ Your photos convey so much emotion. My husband is in the US military and I have great respect for the men & women in the armed forces. Good luck with your future book/exhibition.

  12. Make it home for the holidays guys.

  13. es interezante tu manera de fotografiar. me dio la impresion de que los soldados disfrutaban y se sentian como en un reality show. llegue a pensar que el fotografiarlos o video-grabarlos es una buena manera de que se desintonizen con la realidad estando a la vez en sintonia. ¡la pasan mejor!

  14. Today is Veterans Day and we as a nation have a lot to be thankful for especially as Thanksgiving Day will be here in a few weeks. Even though the candidate that I voted for didn’t get into office I am still optimistic that this nation can become as great as it once was! Thanks for those wonderful pictures and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  15. A picture speaks a thousand words…

  16. Good blog, but your copyright ruins each image. Make it a bit smaller and it’ll be a lot less distracting. Good work though!

  17. Kyle

    Hey George! I was part of this exercise and the company you were following. Keep us informed when your exhibit or book is coming I’d love too see the rest of these

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