Young(er) again, and hopefully again, again

In early 2011 I responded to an expired photography ad on craigslist (the odd-ball purveyor of all things…well, all things). It advertised the position of school photographer – but with a strong reportage approach to the work. Fortunately for me, as I ve extraordinarily limited experience with strobes, this was a an-all-too-perfect opportunity. Working with children is great and getting paid for the privilege, even better.

But nothing was heard for eight months…

…and then in January 2012, entirely out of the blue, the director of the company contacted me. I met her over a long coffee a few days later and now I am part of the team.

But I must not be hasty; the work has not yet started and the market is tough. Negatives aside though, the director is reassuringly focused and I am not at all concerned about the future success of this company.

Welcome to our ‘test shoot’. It was shot in the early evening and the colours are cool but overall we were pleased.

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