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Agent Speak

Portraiture is the most perfect synthesis of chat and shot. I love chatting and I especially like taking photographs. It’s wonderful.

Occasionally┬áI shoot portraits of estate agents for a glossy freemium magazine, Absolutely Notting Hill. It’s quite enjoyable meeting the (supposed) enemy – and it’s even better bossing them about. The second guy was particularly fun and more than happy to take the lead – as you will soon see.

I quite fancy shooting some documentary portraiture very soon.

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Ethnography and/or brand journalism appears to be a good route forward; it pays, challenges and keeps me more than occupied.

This job involved meeting a variety of people and reporting on their spending habits; what they buy and how technology helps them to do it – or not.

It was great and I had the pleasure of meeting some truly wonderful people.

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The Bronica ETRSi is my new toy and this Christmas I thought I would run a few rolls through it and see what happened. I am quite impressed but feel the next rolls of film will be better; the auto exposure prism finder is mighty helpful but just cannot compete with the light meter in my D700.

Different cameras are much like different cars or motorbikes. You quickly learn the characteristics of each vehicle you use and how much you can push it or pull it. I certainly need to rack up some more miles on this wonderful Bronica.

Photos below are shot with fuji pro 400. I am eager to explore colour films – as well as black and white, of course.

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