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Work to travel: Travel to work

This was exciting, exhilarating and bloody good fun. Brand journalism is the game.

We’ve all set ourselves goals in life whether we know it yet or not. One fundamental aspiration I have is to travel with work; to experience places and people my personal finances would never allow. I think that I ve made a start…

Last year a good friend of mine introduced me to the visual research agency, Bamm London. As soon as I’d given their website a once-over I knew without doubt that I wanted/needed to freelance for them. A year later and I am there. They are the most wonderful bunch of minds, editors and administrators – plus more.


My first job was to  shoot, over two days, a stop motion piece for a whiskey company. It was only for the client’s internal use but my my it was fun. I’d never done anything quite like that. Challenging and brilliant.

My second job resulted in my travelling to Paris and Brussels over two days. A fast-paced visit to the continent that required me to document the journeys of two very different people; one a French actress and the other a young lobbyist. I am sure you can guess their respective destinations.

The brief orbited the idea that: “when people get together, great things happen”.

I accompanied a charming man with a videocamera and another with a dictaphone.

It was exceptionally fun, so welcome to the Eurostar

* All photographs taken were submitted directly to Bamm as raw files. The photos below are my selection and edit.

Meet lobbyist, Junior, before he departs for Brussels

Now meet Selma en route to Gare du Nord. She's off to meet her fiance in London

Arrival in Brussels

Arrival in London

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Cut cut cuttings

Last month was wonderful fun. In fact this month has been equally (if not more) exciting.

I ve always enjoyed writing and putting together written pieces. It’s a nice respite from photography, which of course requires no real respite. The work differs in only so much as words, not photographs, adorn pages, blog posts and computer screens. The approach is almost entirely the same and the experience is just as exciting.

Here are a few cuttings

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