War Memorials Trust and Portcullis House

Earlier last week the War Memorials Trust officially launched their new initiative, In Memoriam 2014. The grand affair took place in Portcullis House and a plethora of extraordinary characters were present; from Lords and an Admiral, to Chelsea Pensioners and a George Cross decorated Royal Marine – oh, and politicians too.

The photos comprise part of my ongoing photo-essay, In Memoriam 2014.

This is Lance Corporal Matthew Croucher of the Royal Marines. While in Afghanistan he was awarded the George Cross for jumping onto a grenade ensuring no one other than himself would be killed or wounded in the blast. Fortunately for him, he walked away relatively unscathed. He is keen to raise awareness for In Memoriam 2014 and a number of charities.

Matt Croucher with two Chelsea Pensioners; Korean war veteran Bryan Shanks and former Royal Marine, David Griffin

Cadets from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Frances Moreton (right), Director of War Memorials Trust

Matt Croucher GC, David Griffin, Admiral Lord West of Spithead and Bryan Shanks

Trust board member, Colin Amery (left)

Two cadets take names of those present

Frances Moreton and Conservative MP, Mark Francois

Former Royal Marine, David Griffin

A young cadet

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