Wick Village and the Floating Forest

Today was a great day. How often do you get to cruise up-and-down a river – on grass and with a pirate…?

Wick Village comprises a small cluster of houses that line the canalised River Lea in Hackney. There is a green space available to the residents, but it is horribly overgrown and not at all pleasant. Muf Architects specialise in open space architecture. They’re keen to regenerate the area and create an engaging environment for the locals.

Anyone living in the village has a clear line of sight toward the Olympic site and the distance between the two falls far shorter than a decent stone’s throw. Enduring years of unabated construction – on an enormous scale – should be compensated and their space sorted. Only fools fail to recognise the significance of crumbling communities – be it physically and/or psychologically.

In the hope of stimulating the council and its sluggish movements, local support for the initiative is key. To do this, Muf, in collaboration with Floating House Productions and Folly for a Flyover, organised a day out on the river. It was brilliant fun and definitely unexpected.

Welcome to the Floating Forest and Folly

The boat and view of the Olympic site seen from Wick Village

Tom, the 'driver'

The locals, Sylvie and Tereasa

Our resident pirate and Captain Teddy

The Folly

Our young resident

Our youngest resident

The Floating Forest can also be booked for your very own use. Have a look.


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2 responses to “Wick Village and the Floating Forest

  1. Tom

    hi george, thanks for your great work… Tom (the captain!)

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