Cycling and the A12 undercroft

Earlier this evening I headed back to Homerton where I’d lived for a wonderfully exciting two years. Our local park was Mabley Green. It’s sufficiently large to lose yourself and forget brick, but bleak enough to bring most of what you were hoping to avoid – despair and anguish mainly.

Muf architects are attempting to rid this good space of all it’s infinite nothingness. But much like any government funded development, the proposals must pass years of bureaucracy and dithering.

The A12 undercroft is found at the far-left corner of Mabley Green. It is the first battleground between Muf and Hackney council. If they can develop a fitting use for this brutally beautiful space, perhaps then they can move onto the Green and get their ideas implemented.

A path cuts through the undercroft and leads off towards the Olympic site. This space has the potential to be a a great area for cycling – and that includes bike polo and inbuilt concrete jumps.

The following photos show a cycling workshop held by Keir Applerley, a Hackney local, ultra-keen cyclist and far from preachy preacher. He also manages Cycling Club Hackney.

Welcome to The Bridge Cycle Club. It was raining, hence the sparse attendance, but there’s to be another workshop next week; jumps will be erected and the sun will definitely shine.

Although it looks a little bleak, the idea is very much there. The space is great and this proves that it has bundles of cycling potential

Keir and the intricacies of spokes - and how they can be straightened, loosened and tightened


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