Pensions and Protests

Me and my 50.

Public sector workers are rather disgruntled it seems. This Thursday, a great number of them – teachers mainly – took to the streets across the UK. They were protesting against potential reforms to their existing pension schemes. In very simple terms, they are voicing extreme concern over changes that will, in their firm opinion, force them to work more hours for less.

It’s difficult to establish public sentiment on this matter. But one thing is clear; good teachers are bloody important and without them, where would we all be? I wouldn’t be writing that’s for sure. But, but, but, reforms are essential and we must adapt to survive – it’s just working out how…and let us be honest and exact, our options are limited.

It was peaceful and, the few exceptions aside, mild-mannered

The police had taken him away from the main body of protesters. It was all rather minor but that certainly didn't stop a bout of verbal copper bashing

She was also taken away from the main crowd and spoken to - about what no one really knew

Copper bashing

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