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Building Banda

Banda are a property development agency based in South Kensington. Their attention is focused on the affluent SW London postcodes – oh, and southern France.

Shooting for the website, I traipsed miles and miles of well-paved, cleaned and pristine streets, parks and gardens. What struck me more than the actual properties, was the abundance of beautiful floral arrangements. On each-and-every street, at least one household paid tribute to summer’s fantastic flora.

The assignment was divided over three long days. On the third day, I was sent to a house in Fulham. It was under construction and my job was to shoot the builders and close-ups of tools. I preferred this to the monotony – and slight shame – of photographing the houses of anonymous others. At least there was a degree of communication between myself and the subject. A love of mine.

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Cycling and the A12 undercroft

Earlier this evening I headed back to Homerton where I’d lived for a wonderfully exciting two years. Our local park was Mabley Green. It’s sufficiently large to lose yourself and forget brick, but bleak enough to bring most of what you were hoping to avoid – despair and anguish mainly.

Muf architects are attempting to rid this good space of all it’s infinite nothingness. But much like any government funded development, the proposals must pass years of bureaucracy and dithering.

The A12 undercroft is found at the far-left corner of Mabley Green. It is the first battleground between Muf and Hackney council. If they can develop a fitting use for this brutally beautiful space, perhaps then they can move onto the Green and get their ideas implemented.

A path cuts through the undercroft and leads off towards the Olympic site. This space has the potential to be a a great area for cycling – and that includes bike polo and inbuilt concrete jumps.

The following photos show a cycling workshop held by Keir Applerley, a Hackney local, ultra-keen cyclist and far from preachy preacher. He also manages Cycling Club Hackney.

Welcome to The Bridge Cycle Club. It was raining, hence the sparse attendance, but there’s to be another workshop next week; jumps will be erected and the sun will definitely shine.

Although it looks a little bleak, the idea is very much there. The space is great and this proves that it has bundles of cycling potential

Keir and the intricacies of spokes - and how they can be straightened, loosened and tightened


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Serving Summer

Welcome again to Ed & Xenia’s Supper Club.

We lavishly fed and watered 22 guests and a two man film crew. It was a fantastic  few days and as always, a pleasure to be part of.

The theme was Serving Summer. The menu and more information about the club can be seen here,

Perhaps we’ll see you next time.

Rain teased but the sun remained - much to our relief


Xenia won the argument; Sangria is made with lemonade


Sorting the tapas boards

He's great




Cucumber Gazpacho



Galician almond cake with sour cherry compote and peach and cinnamon ice cream


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The Recyclers

Curiosity and chance meetings.

A few weeks back, I met two waste removal men. They drive about London collecting industrial waste from sites of construction and emptied office blocks. All that they collect is then offloaded in a Tottenham based recycling plant.

I asked if I could spend a day with them and they kindly accepted. Better than that, the guys at the recycling plant were very keen to put together some photographs of what they do and how they do it. I am especially eager to develop this project further. I personally know little about recycling and the different stages involved; the lifting, the sifting and the sifted.

Here are a few photos from my van-borne venture. They are my testing of the waste-water, and I am convinced that there is photographic mileage in this project.

The van

Meet Paul

And Lawrence

The builders

The digger driver

And dinner

Many thanks Paul and Lawrence

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Pensions and Protests

Me and my 50.

Public sector workers are rather disgruntled it seems. This Thursday, a great number of them – teachers mainly – took to the streets across the UK. They were protesting against potential reforms to their existing pension schemes. In very simple terms, they are voicing extreme concern over changes that will, in their firm opinion, force them to work more hours for less.

It’s difficult to establish public sentiment on this matter. But one thing is clear; good teachers are bloody important and without them, where would we all be? I wouldn’t be writing that’s for sure. But, but, but, reforms are essential and we must adapt to survive – it’s just working out how…and let us be honest and exact, our options are limited.

It was peaceful and, the few exceptions aside, mild-mannered

The police had taken him away from the main body of protesters. It was all rather minor but that certainly didn't stop a bout of verbal copper bashing

She was also taken away from the main crowd and spoken to - about what no one really knew

Copper bashing

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