An alternative view: Queen of Hoxton and The Book Club

Another weekend spent at these two establishments.

Much to the disdain of the following subjects, I ve selected only the impromptu – and in some cases, the ridiculous. The expressions pulled, played and displayed without knowledge of my immediate proximity are more telling of the two evenings; they just are. Although many of the images are not necessarily desirable, they at least portray the ‘actual’, not the contrived.

In any case, I am bored, bored and bored still by the endless stream of group shots and purposely silly gestures. I prefer the natural.

And the gestures are usually more outrageous. Lest we forget that bars/clubs sell copious amounts of alcohol and encourage entertaining behaviour – for a photographer…

I am not trying to make enemies, really.

Welcome to Jazzie B, Stanton Warriors, Craig Charles and some more

Jazzie B

More images will follow with haste


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3 responses to “An alternative view: Queen of Hoxton and The Book Club

  1. These are really cool. What camera did you use?

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