Martyrs Day: Altab Ali park

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon spent with these guys.

Last Friday, I was kindly asked to cover preparations for Martyrs Day in Altab Ali park, Whitechapel. The green space was in dire need of regeneration. A group consisting of both Central St Martins students and the local Bengali community spent the weekend painting the most elaborate and wonderful of designs. Unfortunately for me, I only saw glimpses of colour, but already, the park had been re-oxygenated  and brought back to life.

Martyrs Day is significant. On 21 February 1952, Pakistani riot police shot and killed dozens of students and activists in a now independent Bangladesh. They demanded national recognition of their native Bengali language. Thousands visited the park on Sunday to pay their respects to the fallen protesters of the Bengali Language Movement.

It’s pleasant being involved in such projects.

Architect and artist

The designer of the Bengali paintings

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