Danielle Scutt, Freedom and Claridges

Yesterday evening, a last minute opportunity presented itself to me. I was asked to cover a private party for designer Danielle Scutt, and her new Freedom line of jewellery for Topshop. It was held in the most elegant of settings  – the Fumoir room of Claridges.

Very nice drinks were offered, and the food was exquisite.

The room itself shoots you back to the days of  decadence and the Bright Young Things. Quite an experience.


Emma Elwick-Bates - market editor of Vogue

Diane Pernet - editor of A Shaded View on Fashion


Nicky Yates - fashion editor of ES magazine

Elizabeth Saltzman - social editor of Vanity Fair

Stylist Tamara Rothstein, Freedom director Emma Witzenfeld and deisgner Danielle Scutt

Laura Atkinson - features editor of Grazia


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