Join the club

I have two friends, or at least I live with two friends.

Meet Xenia von Oswald. She is 24, German, and a food stylist.

Now let me introduce Edward Campbell, 23, Australian, and a connoisseur of the finest things in life – mainly edible.

Together they are two and one, and then a supper club – E&X. A most entertaining duo, their combined culinary powers have certainly not been lost amongst the abounding dramas of cohabiting. If anything, they have been refined and strengthened – and to a deceptively high standard. This parallel penchant for food has developed into a supper club capable of pulling some serious weight. I am truly enthralled to form some part of it – as the ‘staff photographer’ of course.

And they create the most fantastic food.

Xenia cooks; Edward entertains, delivers and pours. And lest I forget dearest Amelia, for if it wasn’t for her baking excellence and lively hands, our lives here on Amhurst Road would be all-the-more taxing.

Now take a seat, recline, and ‘Get back to your roots’

Oh, and welcome to our humble abode:

Student and lecturer; Amelia and Xenia


Beetroot falafel mix

Beetroot falafel


Salad of Raw Root Vegetables and Herbs Vinaigrette

Hello Edward


7 hour Lamb Shank with Matchstick Straw Potatoes, roast swede and a serving of Yoghurt, Rocket and Horseradish sauce


Beetroot Chocolate Cake infused with Fresh Ginger and a side of cream


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