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Danielle Scutt, Freedom and Claridges

Yesterday evening, a last minute opportunity presented itself to me. I was asked to cover a private party for designer Danielle Scutt, and her new Freedom line of jewellery for Topshop. It was held in the most elegant of settings  – the Fumoir room of Claridges.

Very nice drinks were offered, and the food was exquisite.

The room itself shoots you back to the days of  decadence and the Bright Young Things. Quite an experience.


Emma Elwick-Bates - market editor of Vogue

Diane Pernet - editor of A Shaded View on Fashion


Nicky Yates - fashion editor of ES magazine

Elizabeth Saltzman - social editor of Vanity Fair

Stylist Tamara Rothstein, Freedom director Emma Witzenfeld and deisgner Danielle Scutt

Laura Atkinson - features editor of Grazia


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Martyrs Day: Altab Ali park

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon spent with these guys.

Last Friday, I was kindly asked to cover preparations for Martyrs Day in Altab Ali park, Whitechapel. The green space was in dire need of regeneration. A group consisting of both Central St Martins students and the local Bengali community spent the weekend painting the most elaborate and wonderful of designs. Unfortunately for me, I only saw glimpses of colour, but already, the park had been re-oxygenated  and brought back to life.

Martyrs Day is significant. On 21 February 1952, Pakistani riot police shot and killed dozens of students and activists in a now independent Bangladesh. They demanded national recognition of their native Bengali language. Thousands visited the park on Sunday to pay their respects to the fallen protesters of the Bengali Language Movement.

It’s pleasant being involved in such projects.

Architect and artist

The designer of the Bengali paintings

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The Persian palate

This has been our largest supper club to date; perhaps even our most successful.

Thirteen came to dine with us and what an evening it was. The machine ran smooth, without jitters. Xenia excelled herself yet again, Ed was a delight as always, and Amelia, well, her cake making and sweet baking polished off the soiree perfectly.

We also had some special guests. Food and Travel magazine came to visit and left with smiles aplenty.

Welcome again to Ed & Xenia’s Supper club, and enjoy ‘The Persian Palate’

Edward and Xenia

Introspective Amelia

Happy days

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Join the club

I have two friends, or at least I live with two friends.

Meet Xenia von Oswald. She is 24, German, and a food stylist.

Now let me introduce Edward Campbell, 23, Australian, and a connoisseur of the finest things in life – mainly edible.

Together they are two and one, and then a supper club – E&X. A most entertaining duo, their combined culinary powers have certainly not been lost amongst the abounding dramas of cohabiting. If anything, they have been refined and strengthened – and to a deceptively high standard. This parallel penchant for food has developed into a supper club capable of pulling some serious weight. I am truly enthralled to form some part of it – as the ‘staff photographer’ of course.

And they create the most fantastic food.

Xenia cooks; Edward entertains, delivers and pours. And lest I forget dearest Amelia, for if it wasn’t for her baking excellence and lively hands, our lives here on Amhurst Road would be all-the-more taxing.

Now take a seat, recline, and ‘Get back to your roots’

Oh, and welcome to our humble abode:

Student and lecturer; Amelia and Xenia


Beetroot falafel mix

Beetroot falafel


Salad of Raw Root Vegetables and Herbs Vinaigrette

Hello Edward


7 hour Lamb Shank with Matchstick Straw Potatoes, roast swede and a serving of Yoghurt, Rocket and Horseradish sauce


Beetroot Chocolate Cake infused with Fresh Ginger and a side of cream


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Nightclubs are not the greatest photographic playground, but they do pay.

This night was the brainchild of a very good friend. It’s not necessarily my cup of tea, but I really do appreciate the effort he puts into it. After all, we can’t all be far-sighted entrepreneurs.

He demanded quantity; I demanded quality. Perhaps the balance is right.

Welcome to Supperclub and all that played-out within:

My good friend (left)

Et moi, fatigued and ready for the hours of late night editing ahead

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69 Colebrooke Row and the bar with no name

Enter the unknown and you’ll meet Tony Conigliaro. Tony is an accomplished mixologist with a plethora of medical looking machines. His quirky little dig is well-known for his drinks – not to mention his pioneering methods.

The photos are all rather PR-e-looking, but fun nonetheless.

Again, this is yet another small step towards developing my friend’s vision.

Hello Tony:



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Stevie Parle and The Dock Kitchen

My blogging routine was acutely disrupted late last year; this February will render obtuse all that was acute.

Welcome to The Dock Kitchen (and the old Virgin Records studio complex). The restaurant sits aside a canal and above Tom Dixon‘s design studio. It’s a pleasure to look at – and more of a pleasure to sit inside.

A good friend of mine has a vision. My job was to shoot the first jigsaw pieces of that conjured and multi-dimensional image.

Meet the head chef, Stevie Parle. He is young, enthusiastic and really quite a friendly chap.

My good friend and his fellow visionary

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