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Notting Hill

I don’t remember this day all that much.

Manic mayhem, and the toilets that bite. Friends were the main focus; I didn’t much trust my interpersonal skills, you see.

We have our moments.


And then tired George

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The Book Club and the birthdays

Welcome back to The Book Club; expect no nudity this time.

The following images were taken over the course of two evenings.



It was his birthday

She enjoyed the camera

The beer was Japanese - and so was she

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Venue work

Start at the bottom and work your way up.

The launch of Playtime, a tidy looking cocktail bar on Islington Green, was one of the first gigs I covered. Four-to-five months down the line, I am no longer shooting the overtly tipsy, dodging and diving as I go, but quietly and thoughtfully working out the infinite angles of interior work.

It was therapeutic; I listened to music, and in absolute solitude, spent two hours readjusting camera and tripod. It is another photographic skill, and one that utilises object and space; not emotion and movement.

It can only be beneficial. I hope to develop and refine this skill.

Welcome to Playtime

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Last night, I was kindly invited to shoot a life drawing class. Only this class was to have a slight twist; models adorned with horns, blindfolds and clown masks sat, straddled and lay upon the furniture, illuminated by a red glow.

Tucked away in the basement of The Book Club, the scene resembled that of a skewed burlesque brothel – a tasteful one, of course. And in the unquoted – and partially forgotten – words of the organiser, this is his inner mind extrapolated and fused into reality, albeit a surreal one. Surrealism aside, there were some truly brilliant artists present and the drawings scattered about were really quite amazing.

It was great fun and allowed me to delve into a new photographic discipline – shooting the nude.

Enter through the curtain:

The 'organiser'

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Hackney Marshes

Just walking; just talking.

Walking through the vast expanse known as Hackney Marsh, I passed between a gate and entered the wildlife sanctuary. There stood Paul; I positioned myself to his side and we spoke cameras and he told me about the birds.

He then told me about South Africa.

A South African, he had become embroiled in perhaps the most tumultuous period of his country’s history – apartheid. Engaged in opposing the system he spent time in townships and other areas of severe unrest and angst. He even located himself on the front line of the Soweto student uprising in 1976, where an estimated 600 protesters were killed and 4,000 injured.

Unfortunately, the duration of our conversation was limited by the steady fall of rain, but while returning to shelter he began to talk about his crutches, and why he had left South Africa 20 years ago.

Seized by the South African Bureau of State Security (BOSS) “a mixture of the SS and the Gestapo”, he spent eight years in detention for his active opposition to the apartheid system. In this time he sustained severe injuries that have now made crutches essential. When released, he was deported to the UK where he remains today.

Despite his injuries, he walked, and walked and walked further. He clambered over small walls and shot up over a bridge. His determination was infectious and astounding.

Enter Paul

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S.E.H Kelly

Not once did I consider fashion work; but they’re a decent bunch of guys. In fact, I owe this lot – a lot.

I don’t believe they are using my photos now. Perhaps they didn’t fit the aesthetic they were looking for; that’s my problem. In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this work and hope it continues and develops.

Please see S.E.H Kelly for the shop; the clothes are fine.

Designer Sara and Mark the mannequin

The backdrop; we used both the whitewashed and semi-whitewashed brick

And here a few from previous shoots – shot against a different backdrop.


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