Leonard Street, Shoreditch

19 Sept – 26 Sept

This exhibition, aptly titled ‘The Visitor’, explores the concept of visiting – but through objects. There are some great works on show, not to mention some brilliantly named pieces; ‘How’s the Weather’, and ‘Homeless Sweet Home’, to pick only a few.


Shai Akram & Andrew HaythornthwaiteRoger Arquer, Ed Swan, Eelko Moorer, Jordi Canudas, Jorre Van Ast, Liliana Ovalle, Oscar Narud, Mathias Hahn & Tomas Alonso

'Homeless Sweet Home', Jordi Canudas

'Homeless Sweet Home', Jordi Canudas

'Cendrillo', Roger Arquer

'Sputnik', Roger Arquer

'Mark Makers', Ed Swan

And this has been a nightmare to shoot. ‘How’s the Weather’ is proving quite the task.

'How's the Weather', Shai Akram & Andrew Haythornthwaite

Do check out the links above for more information.

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