Project Chameleon; Playtime bar

Who would have thought…the photobooth really did work.

They’re such a wonderful group of girls…and in their own words, Project Chameleon is:

“We are a non-profit organisation, which manages and organises eclectic and edgy fundraising events. It is run by volunteers which means there are no costs and the full amount raised at our events goes directly to the programs themselves.

Project Chameleon aims to become a social movement. Every person involved in making our events happen is donating something, whether it is the acts donating their talent, the venue its space, or the photographers their time. So once again 100% of the money fundraised is spent directly on the development program the event aims to support.”

Now, the charity event held at Playtime bar, Islington Green, was an almighty success. I didn’t think it at all possible to associate work with play – but my, my, weren’t those lines blurred.

I believe a total of £2000 was raised for Senegalese street children.

Event organiser, Claudia (right), and her dearest friend, Jane

The mother

The manager

The barman

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