Er heisst Walter Kurz

In another life, I wish to be called Walter Kurz.

This summer, a friend of immeasurable kindness allowed me a short week in Germany. My stay intercepted, not only the finest of fine suns, but also the pleasure of watching Germany lose out to Spain in South Africa – in spite of my friend’s nationality, which happened to be quite unfortunate at that particular time.

Autobahns, Holstein Pils, lakes, Hamburg and Berlin became our staple throughout.

I haven’t much thought of posting these loose photo essays. Perhaps they’re interesting.

‘Four Days in Deutschland’

And this is Laurens; the friend

Our 'relatively' minor companion

The minor's major

Treptower Park


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One response to “Er heisst Walter Kurz

  1. interesting, bookmarked your blog!

    vliyanie na e’rekciyu

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