Daydreaming with…James Lavelle

Working for PR companies certainly has its merits.

The end of August was the beginning of an exhibition hosted at the rather brilliant gallery, Haunch of Venison. ‘Daydreaming with…‘ was the brainchild of UNKLE’s James Lavelle. Far-flung, and exciting, the project called on a number of artisans, learned in a plethora of trades, to synthesize still and moving imagery, and static and active sculpture with music.

Mr Lavelle has most certainly summarised the founding concept of this event far more articulately than I could ever:

“Even though music is the medium I’m attached to, it’s only one element of the arts that inspire me and this is true of all artists in that they take inspiration from other creative forms and channel them back into their own endeavours. Film, paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, scents, all the forms you either see here, have all provided that inspiration for me and this has in turn ultimately impacted heavily on the music UNKLE has created.”

Enter; the exhibition

UNKLE; James Lavelle is left of shot

Nick Cave

James Lavelle with two very happy financers

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