Shooting the school

All photos are under copyright and belong to George P Ramsay

Late last summer, my old school contacted me and asked if would like to work on a photo essay. The working, rather loose, title was ‘The boarders’. Of course, I accepted without reservation as such wonderful opportunities are certainly not found in abundance.  I was familiar with the school, the teachers and more importantly, I had one invaluable luxury – empathy. I’d spent 6 of my young years here.

This was to be my most challenging photographic endeavour. But difficulty aside, it was a challenge, and one that I craved then, and still do now.

Welcome toWellington School, Somerset

My return to the school began with athletics.

They seemed to think that it was rather good, and it was

It required a steady hand, and you couldn't fault him for trying

Beloved chapel

Perhaps not the most entertaining of post-school memories

And then the dining room – and what a hive of activity

They were a cheeky bunch

He was to be my guide

It’s only right that lunch break should follow diner, and these guys didn’t waste a single second

"So who, then?"

Lunch break and football; need I say anymore

And not forgetting the girls

The boys occupied the grass, but it certainly didn't bother the girls

The bell kindly informed the children that they had five minutes of lunch remaining. Shoes were donned, bags shouldered, and the pitter-patter of feet ended their favourite hour.

Boys will be boys

They were more practiced than you would assume

Precision painting

One last game of 40-40 while the parents sit patiently - they hope

After 1700, it is the boarders that walk the corridors and occupy the classrooms. It is their home after all



A well dressed dorm


It was a brilliant experience and one that I have learnt from tremendously. New projects await

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